We’ve launched!

Welcome to our page!  This site is the collaborative effort between Tánia Wilson and Louise Viljoen – two South African mums whom have had our own unique experiences with pregnancy, birth and parenting and just love sharing it with everybody else!  I suppose it helps that we also love writing both fiction and non-fiction alike, and we hope to amuse and inspire you as you journey through our blog.

The purpose of this page serves as a guide, inspiration, preparation or enlightenment for new mums-to-be, as well as aiming to be a support or community atmosphere where mums who have gone through the motions of parenting can share their experiences and advice.  We will post volunteered birth stories from (what we hope to be) all over the world as well as a Q & A page regarding various topics.  If you have a pregnancy or birth story or a funny anecdote about that time your 2 year old laid on the floor right in the busiest part of the shopping centre and pretended to go to sleep because she didn’t want to hold your hand and left you red-faced with embarrassment, please share it with us!

We also have a fiction page where mums who write their own fairy tales and bedtime stories can have it published on the site where full credit will be given to any and all stories submitted.

Although we fully understand if you do not want to submit any pictures of your baby, we ask of those mums who are willing to include a photo of their baby along with their gestation at birth, length & weight (if known) as well as their full birth name and date of birth which will be used as the headline for your story.

We look forward to hearing from you and we hope that you enjoy our blog!


Tánia & Louise



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