A bedtime story for little boys

Long ago in a land very far from here lived a storm.  Every now again the storm would sweep through the land and blow away everything dirty.  Because of the storm, the land was very clean.  One stormy night as the storm’s wind blew across the land it heard something it had not heard before.  It heard the voices of naughty children talking back to their parents.

“If you do not start behaving, I will blow away your houses,” said the storm.

“Come,” said the children.  “You do not scare us.”

The next day the storm did exactly what he said he would.  He blew away all the houses. The children were cold and sorry.

“Storm, please build up our houses again.  We promise to behave.”

“I am not a builder,” said the storm, “but I have a good friend that might be able to help.”

The storm phoned his friend Bob the builder.

“Hallo, this is Bob.”

“Bob, this is Storm.  Can you please help me build a few houses? In other words can you fix it?”

I am Bob the builder.  Yes I can.”

Bob arrived soon after and even though he was doing a great job, the work was just too much.  He decided to phone his friend Batman.

Batman arrived soon after, in his Bat mobile.  The two friends worked very hard, but there was still too much to do.  Batman went to ask his friends the Minions for some help.  They arrived in their hundreds.  But still – there was too much work.

Suddenly – the big bad wolf appeared.

“What do you want Wolf,” asked Batman.

“I have come to huff and puff and blow these houses down,” answered the big bad wolf.

Batman chased the big bad wolf up and down the hill until Wolf ran into Spiderman and fell flat on his back.

Spiderman tied the wolf up with a spider web and helped Batman carry him to jail.

Batman asked Spiderman to help them build the houses, and on their way to the building site, they ran into Superman who was looking for the incredible Hulk.  They were going to meet each other for a game of Chess.

“Please come help us build a few houses,said Spiderman.

Superman was more than happy to help and when they got to the site, Hulk was already there.

They all worked together and before it were time for the children to go to sleep, their houses were ready.


The children thanked the Storm, Bob the builder and all the Superheroes for their help.  They never misbehaved again.


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