Evan Trevor Gulbis | 8 April 2013 |6lb 2 oz (2.8 kg) | 52 cm | South Africa

Written by Louise Gulbis


Baby’s Name: Evan Trevor

Date of Birth: 08 – 04 – 2013

Original Due date: 28 April

Weeks Pregnant: 37 weeks

Baby’s Weight: 2.8 kg

Baby’s Height: 52 cm

Born in South Africa

21 August 2012

Found out I was pregnant when I was ? weeks along mostly because of morning sickens. It took 6 weeks where I could not get any food in and only wanted to eat salad as it was the only thing that did not make me throw up. I found out he was a boy at 19 weeks of my pregnancy.  By that time morning sickness was gone and I could enjoy my pregnancy to the fullest.

All my Sonars went well And was a healthy pregnancy with  no complications at all. But was a very stressful time in our life during my pregnancy – my husband lost his job and our car engine overheated and we had no medical aid any more (And did not want to use state. My first born was a state baby and it was such a bad experience) My husband had to stay at someone else’s because of transport to work and was just so hard on us. We managed to put the money together to go to private hospital and are so thankful  that I could use my dr and my hospital. I did my pregnancy Photos At 35 weeks and a bit and Went for a check up on my 36 weeks and 5 days. Dr asked me if I was smoking as my placenta has calcified and baby is not gaining any more weight no nutrients for baby any more and that if I do not go into labour he will have to induce me soon if I don’t go into labour soon.

I was At a braai with friends the next day  when I had some back pain and cramps the whole night followed by bloody discharge in the middle of the night. When I woke up I had some more discharge in the morning so we went to labour and delivery. They placed me on ctg and there were signs of contractions and made sure everything was fine. They sent me home saying they will probably see me soon again. The next day there was a lot more bleeding than I thought Is normal and some cramping again so we went back to labour and delivery. They kept me the whole day to make sure everything is ok. Was dilated only 1cm baby was fine and there was no signs of contractions at all. They sent me home 6 at night saying baby is not coming any time soon any more. Very disappointed as a lady in hospital hearing loads of babies being born and getting so excited that I’ll get to meet my baby soon.

Went home cried in bath because want to also meet my baby boy. As I was lying in bath I started getting pain again. I went to lay in bed not wanting  any more false alarms any more. All of a sudden The pain got intense so fast that I jumped up and out of bed from the pain. Went to my husband to tell him that I think I am in labour, only to have cramps so intense and close upon each other that I could not speak. My husband timed it as I said I did not want to go again and be sent away. He told me we need to leave immediately as my contractions are 5 min apart. Husband got me in the car and got my bags and back we went to labour and delivery. Just 1 hour later Walking to labour and delivery was so bad as I had to stop and lean on my husbands shoulders every few min out of contractions. Back to my bed I was the last two days the nurse placed the ctg on me and said she will be back in 30 min to check on me to see if I am really in labour. The contractions came so fast on me and so short apart and last long. It all happened so fast I wanted to cry from the pain. It felt like I could not breathe.

Eventually I had a contraction sooo sore I thought I was dying, it broke my water and my whole body was shaking. My husband saw how distressed I was and went to go find the nurse for me. When she came to check on me I was fully dilated and she was freaking out that dr won’t make it in time. She rushed to get my dr Who was on duty somewhere in the hospital and came back prepared to catch baby herself. She moved me over to delivery bed and prepped everything. As she was about to instruct me to start pushing my dr came in and I had to wait to push for him to get his scrubs on and get ready. It all just happened so fast. Nurse propped me up nicely so my chin can rest on my chest as I push and told me to try not to scream and keep my mouth closed as It would help me push better and told me to use all the pain from every contraction into pushing baby out. Was just my husband the nurse and my dr in the room and we were all so calm and relaxed around each other that really made it all so much better.

My husband was great giving me water ever time  to drink in-between contractions And keeping camera to record and take videos of our son’s birth so I have it for myself. He got such great photos of our sons first moments. They mean the world to me. The first push I gave was not much of a success but after I was instructed on how to it was three long hard pushes and our son was born and I saw him and heard him crying. I was so happy that It was finally over and so happy to hear my son crying that me and hubby both cried with tears of happiness. As the nurse wiped him clean and made sure he’s throat is clear. His birth was so beautiful and special. The nurse kept telling me he is so beautiful and then she placed him on me to start drinking. He truly was perfect when I got to look at his face for the first time. And he had the most precious hands looked like a musicians long skinny fingers. Then He got taken to the incubator and daddy got to spend some alone time with him as I had to deliver the placenta. My contractions started at 7, Evan was born 9:20 Don’t rember to much about this part, I know that after the overwhelming pain and happiness settled in, My whole body started shaking uncontrollably and the nurse came to cover me with a hot hot blanket  and told me to just rest a tiny bit. After the shaking stopped My nursed helped me get up and have a bath and get cleaned.

We had a great evening. Evan came to feed on me every three hours and finally at 6 in the morning I got to keep him all to myself. A nurse came to teach me about how to breast feed and my sister came to visit us in hospital.. He was born at 37 weeks but had no complications at all. I was lying in bed with my phone updating everyone on my son’s birth when my dr came to check on us and discharge us after we got his bcg shot. Was so happy to go home I packed up and went home only to realize that I have left my cell phone in the bed. We immediately went back as my son’s photos and videos of his first breath was on the phone and would break my heart to lose that.

When we got there bed was made and my phone was gone. Told everyone that my phone was left in the bed and everyone was searching but could not find it. They sent us home saying it’s not there. My husband Luckily helped me to install software onto my phone to make it ring and switch it on every time it was switched off and to track its gps. And the phone was at hospital. After 3 days of struggle with management and staff at hospital, the manager found my phone And I could finally focus all my time and attention back onto my baby instead of stressing over the phone.

Birth 1

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