My Story: Andries & Christian Myburg

Written by Chriselda Myburg

What would natural birth be like..??

That is the question most pregnant women ask when coming to the realisation that the end is near and your precious little human will be entering your world in a couple of weeks..

Well, so did I. Every question went through my head and every story told made an impact on my decision.

I had a beautiful pregnancy. Aside from the fact that any weird smell made my stomach turn and terrible heartburn, I had no other obstacles. So it went great and baby grew beautifully…

When it came to point of realisation that I must choose a birth plan, I did listen to too much stories and too many opinions of terrible natural births.
My sister in law and I were pregnant at the same time, her little boy was due three weeks before mine. She decided on taking a c-section as she is a really tiny lady.

After having loads of doubts about natural birth and seeing how quickly, and surely her c-section went, I decided on going for a c-section as well. Reasons being that my husband worked about 4 hours drive away from us at that stage and he then would be there if we set a time for the c-section, and I would not tear down there (which I was very afraid of). As soon as I heard baby’s weight at the last appointment being 3.7 kg (8lb 2 oz), I was set on going for the c-section.

On the 10th of May, we booked into the hospital about 3 o’clock in the afternoon (very hungry because I could not eat). They then made me wash my body with special soap and put on a gown. Then came in to put in a drip and catheter so that I would not have any shame as I would not be able to walk afterwards. That night at 7 pm we went into the ward were they started with my epidural. I could feel them working on my tummy but it didn’t hurt because it was numb..
My husband took photos of everything. Within a few minutes our baby was given to my husband and he then put the baby in my arms…
The best feeling in the world!!

The following day I could start moving and everyone told me that the sooner I started walking the better, and so I did. After a week I went to take out my staples and my gynae said I could start driving again..

So my experience with a C-section wasn’t bad, but with my second boy I had no real choice in the matter and also had a c-section…

I am super proud of my two boys and who they are today (one being three years old and the other one year) But I can’t help thinking that I will always wonder what it feels like to do it all naturally..

Big Brother Andries was 7lb 9 oz (3.45 kg) and 53 cm at birth!


Baby Bro Christian was 7lb 12 oz (3.52 kg) and 52 cm at birth!



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