Birth Story | Jeffrey Junior (JJ) De Wit |16 May 2014 | 6lb 13 oz (3.1 kg) | 51 cm | South Africa

Written by Elaine De Wit

Born: 16 May 2014 @ 08:05 am

Weighed: 3.1 kg

Length: 51 cm

So with my second pregnancy it was a lot easier, and I knew exactly what to expect. I was 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant with our little boy J.J De Wit. So the day before J.J was born my friend did my nails and my toe nails, while she was busy with that I put my feet in foot spa (I think for 3 hours), not sure if that is what triggered me to go into labor, but I went into labor the next morning at 2 am. Woke my husband, and said I think I am in labor, he said….it is just winds again, lol, turned and went back to sleep. Katie-Lee then woke up to drink her milk as she does every other night. I knew this was the real thing and that I was in labor, so I started to get everything ready for Katie-Lee for school, we were so blessed that everything happened as it did, my mom arrived from Bloemfontein the Thursday night, hoping she could be there for J.J’s birth. I then got into a warm bath, shaved and did all that was necessary, got out, got dressed and quickly did something with my hair. I got all my bags together….at this stage the labor pains got  more painful and was about 10 min apart,  but still bearable. I woke up Jeff again, telling him he needs to get up as I am REALLY in labor. I then went to the guestroom, where my mom was sleeping to inform her that I am in labor. I got all my bags together and placed it in the car, and suddenly felt an urge to push, this was it, I waited long enough, I told my husband that we need to get to the hospital now, this was 4 am. We left Katie-Lee with my mom, and off we went to the hospital. Got out of the car, walking towards the hospital we made a quick stop so I can deal with my contraction – I remember my husband saying come on and I just thought to myself, hallloooo I am in labor here. Got to maternity ward, got admitted through my contractions and placed in a room. The nurse came to do an internal examination, to my surprise I was already 4 cm dilated, I did not expect this as the labor pains was not nearly as bad as it was with my first baby. Around 6 am, I told my husband to go get Katie-Lee and drop her off at school, also picking up my mom. I also phoned my sister to tell her she can come to the hospital. The nurse did an internal examination again and I was 7 cm dilated, again I was very surprised because this time the pain was nothing compared to my previous experience with the birth of Katie-Lee. I again got that urge to push, nurse checked and I was fully dilated, I quickly phoned my husband and my sister and nurses my gynecologist, everyone was stuck in traffic……Nurses told me not to push although it felt to me like I  did not have a choice….Hubby arrived, luckily still in time to be there for the birth of our son, sister also arrived, but no gynie yet. My husband felt really uncomfortable when he heard the nurses tell me not to push…..luckily after a few min my gynecologist arrived. She asked if I am ready to push, yes I have been for a while I said. We waited for the next contraction and I pushed, I remember her saying, Elaine you are doing so good…waiting for the next contraction she asked me if I had pain medication, I answered no and added that this pain is nothing against the pain I had with Katie’s birth. Second push, third push and there was my handsome little man, and I was able to hold him immediately and be with him, able to breastfeed after he got his injection, and I popped out that placenta like nothing. I absolutely loved the experience of giving birth to my son…..perfect, healthy little boy.



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