Birth Story | Katie-Lee De Wit | 23 April 2013 | 6lbs 5 oz (2.89 kg) | 49 cm | South Africa

Written by Elaine De Wit

Katie- Lee De Wit

Born: 23 April 2013 18:05 pm (39 weeks and 1 day)

2.89 kg

49 cm

Normal birth

The afternoon of the 22nd of April 2013 we went to our last gynecologist appointment before the arrival of our first gift from God. The gynecologist informed us that my amniotic fluid is very low and I will have to be induced. So we decided the sooner the better and went in 12:00 pm. After being admitted, they induced me round about 1 am. Hubby went home, and I waited very excited for the labor pains to begin so we can meet our baby girl. Being my first pregnancy, obviously I did not know what to expect, and I also did not attend any pre-birth classes. My contractions started very lightly round about 6 am, I dilated very slowly, around 10:00 am my gynecologist broke my water, that was painful and very uncomfortable. The pains started to get worse around 12 pm and I was 4 cm dilated. The next 6 hours felt like forever, pain started to become unbearable, but I hung there with my husband’s voice in my ear, you can do this. I was given a gas mask for the pain. I can remember my friend and her mother, my sister, my mother in law and my husband taking turns to be with me, rubbing my back, holding my hand, telling me it is going to be ok and that I can do this. I was very tired, and I cannot describe the pain that I had to anyone. I remember I started to scream like… I don’t know what…. This was the last hour or two, this was out of tiredness, at one stage I know is screamed very loudly – can someone please help me I am busy dying, lol. At last I was 9 cm dilated and Katie-Lee was on her way, but I was too tired and Katie-Lee to, her heart rate fell….and I remember the nurses saying – call the theatre for emergency c-section. There was no space in the theatre, and according to me it was in any case too late for a c-section. I told my husband I can’t anymore – he begged me to not give up and be strong for our princess, I tried my best. My husband and I got a big fright when the doctor said she will have to suck her out…….I remember one of the nurses sat on top of my belly pushing from outside, this was really traumatic for me. One nurse told me at the end…..push like you have a poo, do not push your stomach….so I did and they managed to get Katie-Lee out, I can’t actually remember seeing her, but I remember her crying. I was too weak to push my placenta out, so my gynecologist decided to do it in theatre. Katie-Lee was sent to NICU. I remember waking up after 7 pm, there was a lot of friends and family to support us, and that wanted to meet our beautiful princess, I also wanted to hold her, but my husband told me she was in NICU…. I was very sad, still very dizzy and sleepy from anesthetics I fell asleep again. I woke up around 12 pm, very upset…firstly where is my baby, secondly why do have a catheter in when I gave normal birth. I rang the nurses bell….furious. Asked the nurse to immediately take out the catheter, I want to go to my baby girl. I did not know what to expect as I walked to the NICU ward, all I knew is that I wanted to be with my little baby. There she was….perfect most beautiful thing I have ever seen……what sounded to me like an angel, would you like to hold her the nurse asked, with tears in my eyes I said yes please, one of the best moments of my life, holding my precious baby girl, seeing that she is ok, more than ok, she is perfect. Katie-Lee was discharged after six days, very happy, healthy baby. I will do it all over again J



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