Birth Story | Livan Osmers | 23 December 2016 | 7lbs 1oz (3.28 kg)

Written by Marina Osmers

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My due date was 2 January 2017. Friday the 9th of December I was admitted for high blood pressure(I was very busy at work). I was released from hospital on bed rest condition and I was told that I could not go back to work. On Wednesday the 21st of December, at about 21:30, on my way to bed, I felt a shift. It literally felt as if something dropped onto my bladder. I still went to bed.
The following morning at 4 o’clock I started to feel light contractions. I told my hubby Johann, that something was happening. We waited for 4 more hours and at 8 o’clock I phoned my midwife. It was my first pregnancy, so she told me to come in for evaluation. She confirmed that I was 2cm dilated and that baby was on the way. She told me to go home and wait for my contractions to be 5 minutes apart. I spent the rest of the day resting and wrapping Christmas presents.

By 10 o’clock that night the contractions became almost unbearable. I was walking up and down to try and relieve the pain. I held out until 23:30.
We rushed to the hospital. On my way there the contractions started to feel further apart and not as intense as before. At the hospital they sat me on the bed, (with that contraction monitor thing), and confirmed that my contractions were less.
I misunderstood my midwife. She told me that my baby’s heartbeat was not right. (She meant that it was not right for birth). I immediately thought something was wrong with my baby. She gave me something to calm me down and decided that I needed a Doula. I was 3 cm dilated.

The Doula arrived an hour later. She was there to support me, massage my back etc.   When I was 4cm dilated my amazing doula decided that we should walk around zoo lake and went along with us and it was lovely and casual and we had a calming conversation.  She was very supportive and a crucial part of the birthing team.

They decided to give me an induction. From there on the process sped up. The midwife broke my water. I was ready for my water birth. I had been looking forward to this moment ever since I found out I was pregnant. Johann sat behind me in the bath tub, motivating me, while the Doula wiped my face with a cloth. After an hour in the water they decided that the tub was too big and told me to lay on the bed instead. Johann got behind me again. I used his legs to steady myself. I pushed for another hour. Johann pushed so hard alongside me that I had bruises on my arms. My midwife pressed down on my bump while the sister tried to keep my cervix open.
They soon realised that my baby’s head was not positioned right.

Then after an examination it turned out that Livan was stressed and that his head was not in the right position to be able to move through the canal safely as his head was stuck against the cervix.
An emergency c-section was then called. It was such a stressful moment. Johann cried when the c-section was called. By this time I was so tired, my eyes rolled back in my head and I told my midwife I am dying. My gynae was on leave 23 December. I had never met the doctor that covered for him. Everyone was ready for the c-section in the ward, I had my epidural ready and we were just waiting for the doctor to turn up. The person that walked into the room was in a wheelchair. I can remember I only gave them one glance and looked away. It was my doctor. Sooo amazing. He stroked my feet and calmed me before introducing himself. Pressed a few buttons on his wheelchair and there he was, standing upright in his wheelchair. The c-section was performed and Livan was born. At Genesis they waited until the umbilical cord stopped pulsating (delayed cord clamping) and then allowed Johann to cut the cord. My surgical scar is all the way across the pelvic girdle because Livan was so low in the birth canal. Total duration of the labour lasted 32 hours before the c-section was performed.

What started off being the worst day of my life, ended up being the best.



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  1. Magdeleen Moller says:

    Proud to be your Doula


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