If you have a birth or pregnancy experience you’d like to share with us for our blog, but don’t know how to get started, here are some prompts to help you start:

1. My pregnancy was… (describe your pregnancy: did you have morning sickness? Did you crave any strange foods? Did you have any complications?)

2. My labour started… (how did you know you were in labour? Where did you feel your contractions? What method was used to deliver your baby? Were there complications? Did you have pain relief?)

3. My baby was… (what did you name your baby? Is it a boy or a girl? What country was your baby born in? What were his/her measurements? Did your baby need any treatment after birth or were you discharged quickly?)

4. Please email 2 photos (one of your baby that was taken the soonest after their birth, and one where they are cleaned up and dressed that is your favourite, which will be used as the featured image) to If you want to submit more than two, you are more than welcome. Picking a favourite can be hard sometimes!

Your story can be any length you desire. If you want to just answer the questions above and include the photos that is perfectly fine as well. You can write a few lines or a few pages. All stories are welcome!