Not too far into the future we will be hosting a few workshops aimed at parents, prospective parents and pregnant mothers that will cover a host of subjects.  Some of them might look something like this:

  • Active Birth Classes (How to ease labour in terms of managing pain, using effective positions, limiting intervention)
  • Choking First Aid – Infants & Toddlers & Young Children (What to do when the worst happens)
  • Pregnancy Weight Management (How to avoid gaining too much weight during your pregnancy and reduce your risk of getting gestational diabetes without dieting (dieting is not ideal for your baby)
  • Smoking Cessation for Pregnant Mums (Helping pregnant mums kick the habit of smoking)
  • Baby Weaning & Introducing Solids (When to start, according to the guidelines by the WHO, how to start)
  • Healthy Eating for the whole Family (How to prepare healthy and affordable dinners without spending all day in the kitchen or selling a kidney to pay for it)
  • Managing Gestational Diabetes (Mums with GD will be educated on how to manage their condition safely and will be taught how to cook easy meals to maintain their health)
  • How to take care of a newborn (Bathing, Feeding, Changing, Soothing, Routines, Stimulation & Sleep Training)
  • Postnatal Care (Recovery after a C-Section or Vaginal Birth: Tips for staying comfortable and speeding up recovery etc.)
  • Fertility & Conception (how to plan your family)
  • Breastfeeding (Busting myths about breastfeeding, helping you start breastfeeding, advice, support and a whole lot more)

These workshops will all be basic and affordable and probably won’t run over more than one day (lasting somewhere between 1h15 and 3 hours) with the exception of the Smoking Cessation – which may in fact be run like a clinic over a few weeks.  A light lunch and coffee and tea will be served which will be included in the admission fee you will have paid by bank transfer after booking for the workshop online, by email, telephone, via the Facebook Page etc.

If you would like to be informed when one of these workshops will be running, or would like any more information about it you can subscribe with your email address and we will send you the information and let you know as soon as a workshop becomes available.